Eagle Endurance, LLC is proud to announce that all of our events are Trail Sisters Approved!

Hart Strength and Endurance Coaching started in 2017 as a husband and wife team who was passionate about health, fitness, and endurance sports.  What started from humble beginnings has grown to a team of 6 incredible, experienced coaches. Our coaching team has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their goals, from half marathon PR’s to 100 mile finish lines, obstacle course racing championships, to Ironman triathlons.

Trail Sisters

Eagle Endurance, LLC


Since 2010, Eagle Endurance, LLC has been the backbone of the Charleston, SC trail running community. 

Over the years, I have watched as the events have grown to be known as some of the toughest events around. It has been a great ride!! I have met a lot of great people.

As life loves to throw us curveballs, I am not immune to this! While having to deal with life issues, I have decided to step away from directing most of my events. I STILL have ideas... So when it's right, I'll be back!

When I decided to take a break from directing, I put the word out that I'd like to pass my events along so that they could continue. I am happy that 6 of my events will continue on in 2024!  Please check out Palmetto Ultras. Kayla is the new face to some of your favorite events. I know some of you out there that love to torture yourself will find that the courses will remain the same, while Kayla puts her own touches on the events. I was reassured that she wouldn't go too easy on y'all.

Thanks for the years of support. I hope to see you again soon... just behind the starting line running some of the events I created. I love that I am finally getting a chance to experience what some of you have been bitching and whining about for years... ;-)

Happy Trail Running,


CEO, Eagle Endurance, LLC