Eagle Endurance, LLC is proud to have Doc Scotts electrolytes as a business partner! This concentrated product (2 ounces mixed with 1 gallon of water) is a great supplement when training or competing in endurance events!  Doc Scotts is easy on the digestive track and has almost zero taste...just like water!

Click on the button below to "Shop Doc Scotts". If you are interested in a bulk order,  click on the "sweet sixteen" button and use code "Eagle" for 50% off your purchase!

The Eagle Endurance, LLC Trail Rewards Club
I have created a "rewards club" to show my appreciation to those that participate in my events. For ONLY $30 bucks a month (automatic recurring payments) you get to join the club and get seriously reduced pricing on Eagle Endurance, LLC events.  This takes the sting out of BIG race fees and allows you to enjoy 12 months of worry free trail running! Here is how it works... You "purchase" membership to the club (Welcome to the club!!) and let me know what events you would like to run. I send you a code to use during checkout and you register at no additional cost! Your $30 bucks a month COVERS the ENTIRE cost of the event! This is obviously a great savings to those that plan to run more than 1 Eagle Endurance, LLC event.  Now, here is where it really gets pretty neat. If you get injured...or ANYTHING comes up and you can't participate. NO PROBLEM! You are not out any money...Just register for another event!  To join the club, please use the "contact" link at the top of the page requesting more info and I will respond quickly to your message with all the sweet details.

Eagle Endurance, LLC