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Welcome Trail Runner to Eagle Endurance, LLC!


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Welcome trail runner to Eagle Endurance, LLC!

Within this site, you will find event listings that are your key to trail adventures! Most of the events take place in the Francis Marion National Forest. Through the use of Fire Roads as well as portions of the 300+ mile long
Palmetto Trail, we are able to create fun events of varying distances as well as difficulty. One thing can be said about all the events is that you will leave smiling!

You know, the actual act of running did not take place in your subdivision running down a paved road... it took place out in the wilderness chasing after dinner...or running away from what was supposed to be dinner! Give an event a try, you won't go away disappointed.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Chad Haffa, CEO
Eagle Endurance, LLC

If you have any questions about the events, please feel free to shoot me an email.


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